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Version: 4.21.1409
Release: Sep 17, 2013

Standard package:
   Size: 4,26 Mb
   Price: $199.95

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   Size: 4,50 Mb
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17-September-2013 18:41
Network Eagle Monitor v4.21 build 1409
New release of Network Eagle Monitor application is available.

Fixed bug in SMS alert

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News Archive

  • 17-September-2013 18:41 - Network Eagle Monitor v4.21 build 1409
    New release of Network Eagle Monitor application is available.

    Fixed bug in SMS alert

  • 11-September-2013 20:57 - Network Eagle Monitor v4.21 build 1407
    New release of Network Eagle Monitor application is available.

    Fixed critical bug in wizards

  • 27-December-2011 19:56 - Network Eagle Monitor v4.20 build 1404
    New release of Network Eagle Monitor application is available.

  • Fixed critical error in database check
  • Fixed critical error in ping check
  • Minor changes in user interface

  • 03-August-2010 16:34 - Network Eagle Monitor
    v4.19 build 1372

    New release of Network Eagle Monitor application is available.

  • Fixed critical error in printer check

  • 27-May-2010 15:15 - Network Eagle Monitor v4.19 build 1251
    New release of Network Eagle Monitor application is available.

    This release has a couple of significant changes listed below:

  • Fixed critical error in ICMP protocol client on heavy network load
  • Application is automatically added to Windows Firewall at installation time
  • Added Timeout column into host list. Improved sorting of host list
  • Added ability to alert when the average ping time exceeds a certain threshold (network latency test)
  • Added optional ICMP protocol trace to log file
  • Advanced FTP monitoring: ability to receive alerts on new, deleted and changed FTP files, directories and links
  • New panels to view the log messages only for the currently selected group and the currently selected test
  • Management of large sets of checks: advanced search and replace of sub-strings in the string properties
  • Mail alert: fields SmtpUser, SmtpPassword is optional in user interface
  • User interface font is changed to Tahoma

  • 24-March-2010 20:29 - Network Eagle v4.18 build 1233 released
    Fix 'Access to registry denied' error in the UI of service settings, running under unpiviledged user on Windows Vista and Win 7 with UAC turned on.

  • 23-February-2010 14:58 - Network Eagle v4.18 build 1231 released
  • Bugs: Fixed non-critical bug in the event log check.
  • Feature: Default user data files is now stored in My Documents folder.
  • Feature: Cosmetic UI changes.
  • Feature: New application icons.
  • Bugs: Fixed some medium severity bugs.
  • Bugs: Fixed critical error in Script check on Windows 2003 server.

  • 05-November-2009 15:29 - Network Eagle v4.18 build 1212 released
    Support of Windows 7, both x86 and x64 architectures.

  • 14-October-2009 13:12 - Network Eagle v4.18 build 1210 released
  • Bugs: Fixed bug in the network subsystem. Http check is affected.

  • 28-September-2009 14:14 - Network Eagle v4.18 build 1200 released
  • Feature: Added performance check.
  • Bugs: Fixed number of minor bugs.

  • 30-July-2009 14:41 - Network Eagle v4.17 build 1171 released
  • Feature: Added beta version of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) check.
  • Feature: Add sending SMS message to multiple addresses.
  • Bugs: Fixed problems at SMTP alert with reverse DNS lookup.

  • 24-June-2009 12:58 - Network Eagle v4.17 build 1153 released
    Added possibility to specify custom SMS center address parameter at SMS alert.

  • 20-May-2009 12:52 - Network Eagle v4.17 build 1147 released
  • Bug: Displaying of event log check description - fixed.
  • Bug: Crash in filtering groups - fixed.
  • Feature: Cosmetic changes related to look and feel.

  • 21-April-2009 18:57 - Network Eagle v4.17 build 1142 released
  • Feature: Directory check was completely rewritten to improve performance and stability.
  • Bug: Fixed empty filters at application startup (affected only 1132,1133 builds) - fixed.
  • Bug: Fixed crash during filter working - fixed.
  • Bug: Fixed crashes during script syntax checking in script check and alert - fixed.

  • 28-March-2009 13:50 - Network Eagle v4.17 build 1133 released
    Number of critical bugs was fixed in this build. Please, upgrade your software as soon as possible.

  • 26-March-2009 15:28 - Network Eagle v4.17 build 1132 released
  • Feature: Revised filter and search dialogs.
  • Bugs: Minor fixes.

  • 08-February-2009 21:51 - Network Eagle v4.17 build 1124 released
  • Feature: Existing wizards are modified to be more convenient.
  • Feature: New wizard is added - select property name/value for search and filter dialogs.
  • Bug: Fixed crash at database check stop.
  • Bug: Fixed occasional crash at big number of active checks.
  • Bug: Fixed occasional error at file open dialog for some platforms.
  • Bug: Fixed error at RAS server check delete.

  • 22-August-2008 14:11 - Network Eagle v4.15 build 990 released
    Fixed critical error in installation on some systems. Fixed showing crash report window at first run on clean OS.

  • 27-July-2008 15:57 - Network Eagle v4.15 build 987 released
    All paswords are encrypted in data files and registry. Therefore, data file format is not backward compatible with previous versions. Enable/disable log option is now saved between application restarts. Fixed some bugs with look-n-feel and text.

  • 04-July-2008 12:24 - Network Eagle v4.15 build 949 released
    Directory check was added. It can be used to test file size and/or file count within specified directory either locally or remotely.

  • 03-May-2008 23:06 - Network Eagle v4.14 build 910 released
    Fixed occasion crash specific to version 4.14 builds 905, 901

  • 09-April-2008 22:23 - Network Eagle Monitor Professional on the Net
    3D2F dotcom writes "This compact and easy to use application greatly facilitates 24/7 monitoring of servers, services, databases and other network entities".

  • 17-February-2008 12:38 - Network Eagle v4.14 build 901 released
  • Bug: Help button and F1 does not work in wizards - fixed.
  • Bug: Error message box while creating SysLog alert - fixed.

  • 10-December-2007 17:16 - Network Eagle v4.14 build 867 released
  • Feature - SMS alert - added.
  • Feature - Some common mail headers of SMTP alert message - added.
  • Bug - Crash at exiting application from trial screen - fixed.
  • Bug - Errors with registering and starting application as service - fixed.
  • Bug - File check does not work if old unrar API is already installed on system- fixed.
  • Bug - Many minor fixes - fixed.

  • 01-May-2007 18:57 - Released v4.11 build 631
    Fixed handling of multiline replies from some FTP and SMTP servers. There are affected FTP check and send mail alert.

  • 16-April-2007 18:10 - Released v4.11 build 625
    Critical bug with crash on automatic update of items in filter groups when large number of check running fixed. Unstable behavior of disk space check on some systems fixed.

  • 28-March-2007 12:16 - Released v4.10 build 610
    Improved Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) check, added possibility to download HTML page and check its content. Improved TLS/SSL communications, added backward compatibility for TLSv1 and SSLv2. Fixed bug in sending mail messages using Microsoft virtual SMTP server.

  • 16-March-2007 23:11 - Released v4.10 build 539
    Enchanced SNMP check user-interface. Improved code for starting and stopping checks. Fixed reporting of check status to filters and groups. Optimized performance in order to reduce processor usage in case huge number of checks started. Beta version of SNMP device browser - it allows browsing through SNMP database of selected device. Added timeout support for script check. Fixed SMTP alert authentication problem with some servers, FTP check problem with war-ftpd server.

  • 25-November-2006 20:34 - Network Eagle 4.9 build 395 RC 1 released
    The product is fully compatible with 64-bit processors now. Also, number of bugs fixed.

  • 10-October-2006 16:17 - Network Eagle v4.9 build 385 released.
  • Feature - Alert can be fired on every backup - added.
  • Feature - Software protection mechanism changed, short license keys - added.
  • Bug - Property wizard doesn\'t update property list - fixed.
  • Bug - 100% CPU usage on many ping checks - fixed.

  • 09-January-2006 22:30 - Network Eagle v4.6 build 307 released.
  • Bug - Remove Alerts wizard save changes after user clicks Finish - fixed.
  • Bug - Event log check sometimes report error : "The data area passed to a system call is too small." - fixed.

  • 24-December-2005 14:07 - Network Eagle v4.6 build 305 released.
  • Feature : Check scheduling wizard - added.
  • Bug - Unable to change SQL alert activate terms - fixed.

  • 07-March-2005 15:15 - Network Eagle v4.3 build 260 released.
    Changes and fixes :
  • Feature : check status "Hold" - added.
  • Bug - sometimes HTTPs check does not work correctly - fixed.

  • 05-January-2005 14:14 - Network Eagle v4.2 build 255 released.
    Changes and fixes :
  • Feature : ability to select a group to report - added.
  • Bugs : if open property dialog of a check that used as dependency by other checks, all the dependant checks will start test - fixed.

  • 18-December-2004 17:35 - Network Eagle v4.1 build 254 released.
    Changes and fixes :
  • Feature : Alert "Run SQL script" - added.
  • Feature : disk space check can monitor percent of disk free space - added.
  • Bugs : some critical bugs was fixed.

  • 15-August-2004 10:57 - Network Eagle v3.7 build 239 released.
    Feature : Add New Alerts wizard - added. Feature : Delete Alerts wizard - added.

  • 13-July-2004 15:03 - Network Eagle v3.6 build 236 released.
    Bug : HTTPS check does not work correctly - fixed.

  • 08-July-2004 14:45 - Network Eagle v3.6 build 235 released.
    Bug : retries with interval value always was set to 0 - fixed. Bug : export to HTML format always set fail and ok counts to 0 - fixed. Bug : unable to enter port number more then 255 in HTTP and FTP checks - fixed.

  • 15-June-2004 16:34 - Network Eagle v3.6 build 232 released.
    Feature : wait for shutdown window - added. Bug : dead lock on application closing - fixed.

  • 10-May-2004 17:01 - Network Eagle v3.6 build 229 released.
    Bug : filter\'s counters may not be updated if checks failed or restored - fixed.

  • 07-May-2004 10:09 - Network Eagle v3.6 build 228 released.
    Bug : dead lock on exit - fixed. Some cosmetic bugs in UI - fixed.

  • 05-May-2004 19:56 - Network Eagle v3.6 build 226 released.
    Fixed some non-critical errors.

  • 16-April-2004 20:00 - Network Eagle v3.6 build 220 released.
    Changes and fixes :
  • Feature : Add New Check wizard can load machine list from CSV files - added.
  • Feature : rename group ability from Add New Check wizard - added.
  • Feature : Change property wizard - added.
  • Feature : global variables, used from alerts - added.
  • Feature : alert environment pop-up window - added.
  • Feature : support Windows Workgroup security - added.
  • Bug : many of the jobs/checks seemed to repeatedly check - fixed.

  • 29-January-2004 15:23 - Network Eagle v3.4 build 209 released.
    Changes and fixes :
  • Feature : ability to specify user-agent header string for http/https checks in the program options - added.
  • Feature : retry interval - added.
  • Feature : error status timeout - added.
  • Feature : ability to close properties window without a force check running - added.
  • Feature : run automatically export with low priority - added.
  • Bug : unable to save data file comment - fixed.
  • Bug : unable to save data file on Windows NT 4.0 - fixed.
  • Bug : NT Event Log check several bugs fixed.
  • Bug : command \"Check Now\" does nothing in scheduled time(s) - fixed.
  • Bug : EventLog check failed on outdated records - fixed.
  • Bug : sometimes invalid interval value used when check failed - fixed.
  • Bug : disapearing data file - fixed.
  • Bug : history combobox set new value - fixed.

  • 04-December-2003 16:36 - Network Eagle v3.5 build 200 beta released.
    Changes and fixes:
  • Fixed some errors in URL parsing for HTTP check.
  • Released add-in for check printer status.
  • Released add-in for monitoring file existence and modification.
  • Wizard to add many checks at once.
  • Added autosave functionality.
  • Fixed some non-critical errors.
  • Fixed critical bug with scheduler.

  • 11-November-2003 12:17 - Network Eagle 3.5 beta build 196 released.
    This build includes following new features and bugfixes: support for HTTPS for HTTP check. Included ability to use SQL query data in the alerting for Database checks (for details see topic in forum). Fixed critical bug with checking HTTP sites on IIS/6.0. Automatic export to HTML/XML added with ability to run pre and post custom commands.

  • 21-October-2003 09:15 - Network Eagle 3.3 build 188 released
    The following features were added in this release: Custom checks support. Schedule´┐Ż start/stop for checks. Ability for merging Network Eagle data files. Now, you can automatically export data to the xml/html files, for example to publish it on the Web. Double-click on statistic line opens check performance window with additional information about check. Double-click on error line in the log locates the failed check in the application window.

  • 25-September-2003 12:43 - Network Eagle 3.3 build 184 released
    New in this version: improved dependecies behavior. NT service configuration is refined. For detailed list of bugfixes and functionality improvements, please see readme file.

  • 19-August-2003 10:41 - Network Eagle 3.2 build 182 released.
    In this release we have added ability to run network monitoring as NT service. Also, security was enhanced for HTTP by addition support of digest authentication and for SMTP by implementing CRAM-MD5 authentication. We, also, implemented tip of the day window to help user become familiar with program faster. Also, some bugs were fixed.

  • 20-June-2003 16:52 - Network Eagle 3.1 build 175 released.
    Removed support of Win9x platform. Added number of new checks and alerts, enhanced statistics. Added tray popup log window. Bug fixes.

  • 19-June-2003 16:55 - Version 3.1 beta 3 build 174 published.
    Major changes:
    Fixed mail alert for qmail smtp server. Fixed ip ping for Win2k sp1 and w/o sp. Enhance statistic panel.

  • 19-June-2003 16:54 - Version 3.1 beta 2 build 172 published.
    Major changes:
    Added checks: Process, Event Log Items, NT Service. Added alerts: Write to EventLog, Restart Windows host, Change NT service status. Added named properties support. Removed support of Win9x platform. Fixed cosmetic bugs in HTTP link check and Diskspace check. Added popup tray log window.

  • 19-May-2003 09:54 - Released v3.1 beta 1
    Fixed bug in open data file dialog. Fixed bug with scripting, when program crashed by VBScript while syntax cheking. Added ability to include files into script checks and script alerts (see Scripting.txt after installation). Added ability to access to all check\'s parameters, like URL in HTTP checks or PORT in port checks, in alerts (see Scripting.txt after installation).

  • 05-May-2003 12:23 - Network Eagle 3.0 build 166 released
    Fixed bug in export to HTML.

  • 03-May-2003 13:29 - Network Eagle 3.0 beta 3 build 164 released
    Fixed some bugs in installer. Added export data to XML and HTML. Adden new scripts alerts: write to event log, clear event log (uses WMI), reboot a remote machine (using WMI). Added statistics pane. Fix SMTP sending bug. Added auto-complete and history functionality.

  • 04-April-2003 09:58 - Version 2.5 build 160 released.
    Added sample VB-script for checking state of remote services (required WMI). Improved UI of alerts dialog (changing alerts run order). Improved checks mass-starting. Fixed some ping check problems. Minor fixes and improvements of application UI.

  • 18-March-2003 10:57 - Version 2.4 build 156 released.
    Added alert, based on user-written scripts. You can use any script installed on you system within Windows Scripting Host (WSH) provider. Add syntax highlihting editor (VB & JS only now) and improved user interface for custom scripting check and alerts.

  • 11-March-2003 17:08 - Version 2.4 Beta 2 build 155 released.
    Add syntax highlihting editor (VB & JS only now) and improved user interface for custom scripting check and alerts. Fixed some minor memory leaks. Fixed script alert function listing combo.

  • 05-March-2003 10:38 - Version 2.4 beta 1 released.
    Added alert, based on user-written scripts. You can use any script installed on you system within Windows Scripting Host (WSH) provider.

  • 03-March-2003 14:24 - Version 2.3 released
    Fix bugs in samples for script check. Fix cosmetic UI bugs in script check dialog window.

  • 27-February-2003 17:39 - Version 2.3 beta 3 released.
    Final design and functionality of script check. SMTP send mail major bug fixed. Some minor UI bugs fixed. Added system environment variables support for SMTP mail alert Body and Subject fields. Added adility to log telnet based protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP).

  • 25-February-2003 16:36 - Version 2.3 beta 2 has been released.
    Some critical bugs have been fixed and added functionality to the settings window for Script Check.

  • 21-February-2003 18:55 - Version 2.3 Beta 1 released
    Added support to custom checks based on scripts (VBScript, JScript, etc.). Some minor bugs fixed.

  • 11-February-2003 17:36 - Version 2.2 released.
    Added support to check databases. MS SQL via SQL-DMO (need client software) and any type of database using ODBC.

  • 31-January-2003 15:46 - Database checking support coming soon.
    We are ready to inform you, the database checking support (via ODBC and MS SQL native) are in the stage of the beta testing. Release 2.2 with this checks included are going to be published at February 10th.

  • 24-January-2003 22:18 - Version 2.1 released
    Network Eagle v2.1 build 146 has been released. Added disk space check and external command exit code check. Some cosmetic bugs were fixed. New UI of log and advanced log finder added.

  • 13-January-2003 22:43 - Version 2.0 released
    Network Eagle v2.0 has been released. Please, go to the download section of this site to get 30-day trial version. All feedbacks about this release will be very much appreciated.

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