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Version: 4.21.1409
Release: Sep 17, 2013

Standard package:
   Size: 4,26 Mb
   Price: $199.95

Professional package:
   Size: 4,50 Mb
   Price: $249.95
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17-September-2013 18:41
Network Eagle Monitor v4.21 build 1409
New release of Network Eagle Monitor application is available.

Fixed bug in SMS alert

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get an e-mail alert including the error log?
    You can insert the following string into the Mail Alert body: %LastError%. It will be replaced with the message in the following format:
    Found record - ID:%d, SOURCE:%s, DESCRIPTION:%s
    id - event id
    source - event source
    description - event description.

  • How can I set a custom (not listed in the drop-down list) port number in the TCP/IP port monitoring check?
    You can simply type the number of the port you want to check in the Port number field.

  • How can I edit the properties of multiple checks or alerts at once?
    It can be easy done with the "Change Property" wizard.

  • Which platforms can I run Network Eagle Monitor on?
    You can run Network Eagle application on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Window 2003 platforms.

  • What is the difference between Network Eagle and Network Eagle Pro?
    Please, refer this link.

  • Can I run Network Eagle Monitor as a Windows NT service?
    To run the application as an NT Service, you should select the Register Service checkbox on the last page of the installation wizard, thus a new service under the name NetEagle will be registered in the system. To change the service settings, run the application using the "All Programs/Network Eagle Monitor/NetEagle Service Options" shortcut.

  • Network Eagle Monitor asks me if I want to restore data from a different file. Why?
    Each time you modify something, add a new check/alert, remove an existing one or modify the properties of a check/alert, the data is saved to a temporary file. It allows you to recover the data when the program is exited incorrectly or an operating system failure occurs.

  • How do I enter my Network Eagle Monitor registration number?
    Start the Network Eagle Monitor application. You will see the evaluation screen. Click the Register button. Enter your registration identifier and registration code exactly as they appear in the e-mail message sent to you. Click OK. Restart the application.

  • How do I contact the Network Eagle Monitor technical support to report a problem?
    Please, refer to the Contacts section of this site or use our Web Form to send us a message.

  • Is there a limit concerning the number of machines that I can monitor?
    One Network Eagle installation is enough to monitor any number of server/services/devices and you need to buy only one license in this case.

  • Can Network Eagle Monitor read a list of domains directly form a plain text file?
    To add multiple checks, you can use the Add new checks wizard where you can specify a CSV (comma separated values) file to read a list of addresses from.

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