Using Network Eagle

Find Check

General information

The check search is used for searching checks by the value of some check property. The search is filter-based. It results in creating a new filter named "Found Items" that you can see in the "Groups" panel.

Example 1

If you want to see all checks with the Error status, you should define the condition Status equal Error. To do it, click the "Add New Filter" button on the toolbar. You will see the dialog window with the properties of a new search where you can define the group to search for checks in, whether subgroups of the current group (if there are any) should be included in the search and searching conditions defining if a check falls under the filter. Specify the group to search in and define if the search is recursive. After that we should specify the searching conditions. To do it, click the "Add" button and then set the "Status" property in "Check Property" and specify "Error" as its "Value" in the "New Search Condition" dialog window. Click the OK button. In the search window click the "Search" button and then you can see the searching results.

Note 1: If you click the "Save filter" button, a constant filter will be created out of the specified searching conditions.

Note 2: Use the context menu to see the properties of a found check, its statistics and log well as to make the group of this check active.

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