Using Network Eagle

Exporting data automatically as HTML/XML

General information

The 'Automatic export' dialog box allows you to enable/disable exporting data automaically to files of the XML and HTML formats. It also allows you to change the export settings and specify external applications or commands to be launched before or after exporting.


Automatic export is performed at preset time intervals and can be used together with a web server for the administrator to control the state of checks via the Internet. You can access the settings from the menu
File->Export->Generate Automatically.

Use the corresponding dialog box to specify a file for exporting to the XML format or a directory for the HTML format and the time interval to export data at.

You can also specify commands to be executed before and/or after exporting. The settings allow you to launch programs without creating the console for MS-DOS applications or batch files and with a hidden main window for Windows programs, but you have to be careful since in this case it is impossible for the program to interact with the user. For example, if the launched program asks the user for confirmation, the user will not see it, thus the program will be waiting for the confirmation from the user infinitely. At the same time, Network Eagle waits for the program termination not more than 1 minute. After that it continues its work.

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