Using Network Eagle

Adding a new check

General information

There are several ways to add a new check:

New check, similar to an existing one, can be created in the following way:

Drag-and-Drop technology can be used to copy (or move) checks from one group to another. Nested groups can be moved/copied using both drag-and-drop and Copy/Paste from one parent group to another.

Note: If you hold down the Ctrl key while drag-and-drop an item, it will be copied from one location to another. Otherwise, it will be moved.

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used to add new checks to the currently selected check group:
Alt-6External command
Alt-0Event log

Configuring a check

A special dialog box will appear when the previous step was completed. All the parameters of the check can be defined in this dialog box. In the left part of this dialog box there is a list with four entries: General, Setting, Alerts, Dependencies, Scheduler, Security. When you select an item from the list, the corresponding page is loaded in the right part of the dialog box:

Note: If you do not want the check to be started immediately after creation, you can uncheck Check immediately checkbox at the General page. This checkbox is disabled for existing checks.

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