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Process Check

General information

This check is intended for monitoring the state of processes on a Windows platform. This check works with both local and remote hosts. You can monitor processes using three methods:

These methods allow you to smartly control monitoring the process in the way most convenient for you. Note that the computer address you specify on the General page of the check properties is very important. The existence of the process will be checked exactly on the computer you specify on the General page.

The combination of checking by the process ID and/or the process image name can be very useful. For example, you can check when Quake3 was run on some remote PC at working time. Also, you can monitor some crucial process on your servers on your Intranet network, etc.

Status Conditions

Successful - The process specified by check criteria was located at the computer you specified.

Failed - The process specified in the check properties is detected on the specified computer.

Check Settings

Besides the standard properties, you should specify the following parameters for this check:

See the picture below.

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