Network Eagle Checks

TCP Port Check

General information

This check establishes a basic connection to another computer over TCP/IP. Connecting to the specified network service (Mail, HTTP, FTP, Telnet servers and so on) over TCP is the simplest way to check the availability of this service

Status Conditions

Successful - The port check is considered successful if a TCP connection is established before the specified timeout expires.

Failed - The port check is considered failed if a TCP connection has NOT been established during the specified timeout. In most cases it means that your service is down due to some reasons. In this case you may want to restart this service. To perform this task, you can configure the Execute Command Alert in order to launch a custom batch file.

Check Settings

Besides the standard properties, you should specify the TCP port to connect to. Go to the Settings page of the Edit Check dialog box and either select one of the predefined TCP Ports from the list or type it manually. See the picture below.

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