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Database Check

General information

This check monitors a database. It supports database connections via ODBC and a direct connection to the MS SQL server. This check can either test only if it is possible to connect to the selected database (if you switch off check box Run SQL Query) or execute a custom SQL query and perform some basic checks in the result.

MS SQL Server specific

To check your MS SQL Server via a direct connection, you have to install SQL-DMO. SQL Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO) is a collection of objects encapsulating Microsoft® SQL Server™ database and replication management. We support MS SQL Server 7.0 and MS SQL Server 2000. If you do not want to install MS SQL Client software, you can check MS SQL via ODBC.

Status Conditions

Successful - The connection to the specified database has to be successfully established. If you specify an SQL query, it has to be executed without errors. If you select the "Fail if result set contains no records" checkbox, the result set returned by your SQL query must contain at least one record. The condition defined for the first cell of the first record must be true.

Failed - If the connection to the database cannot be established. If your SQL query cannot be executed or returns a result set that does not satisfy the conditions specified on the Settings page of this check.

Check Settings

Besides the standard properties, you should specify the following ones for this check:

See the picture below.

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