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Simple Network Management Protocol Check [pro]

General information

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is used to monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention. SNMP gives access to MIB (Management Information Bases), which specify the management data of a device subsystem. MIBs are collections of information that is organized hierarchically. They are comprised of managed objects and are identified by object identifiers (OIDs).

The simple application of Network Eagle SNMP check is to monitor SNMP agent alive status. Monitoring of MIB object status is more complex one.


To create SNMP check:

The check properties window will be opened. Enter IP address or network name of SNMP device into the Host field on the General page. You can also use Browse button to scan your network for SNMP-enabled devices and Check button to verify the entered IP address is really SNMP-enabled device.

See Status Conditions section for check fail or success conditions.

See Check Settings section for the explanation of SNMP check settings.

Status Conditions

Success - The SNMP check is assumed successful for simple monitoring case If first met SNMP value can be queried from device. For SNMP MIB value monitoring, the check is assumed successful if SNMP value can be queried from the device and user-defined comparison criteria on this SNMP value will be satisfied.

Failed - The SNMP check is assumed failed If SNMP value can NOT be queried from the SNMP-enabled device. In case of monitoring SNMP MIB value, check can fail if user-defined comparasion criteria on the queried SNMP value is not satisfied.

Check Settings

Except standard properties for this check you may specify the next:

Depends on value of Check combobox the followed check settings can be set:

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