Checks Overview

Checks Overview

This section contains common information about checks available in Network Eagle.

What is a check?

It is a special process run by Network Eagle at the specified interval in order to check the state of a certain service. A service here is an abstract concept having four states described below. For example, it can be a TCP ping of a remote host, etc.

Alerts, dependencies, security and run schedule can be configured for each check. Please, see the corresponding help topics for the detailed description of alerts, dependencies, security and schedule.

Common check properties

Any check in Network Eagle has the following standard properties:

See the picture below. In this picture you can see the dialog box window where you can configure the common check properties described above. Note that these properties are common for all check types.

Common check settings

The properties on the settings page depend on the type of each check. Please, see the description of the check type for help on those properties.

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