Network Eagle Checks

Check Dependencies

General information

As an option, you can supplement a check in Network Eagle with dependencies between your various checks. The availability of a service can depend on the availability of another service. For example, if your HTTP server is behind a router, there is no use checking the HTTP server if the router is down. You can say that your HTTP server depends on the router. Also, you can define a dependency for another check.

Dependency definition

Select the Dependencies page in the Edit Check dialog box . Here you can edit dependencies for the current check.

Configuring Check Dependencies

You can do the following in this dialog box:

A dependency condition defines when checking is allowed. To understand what it means, please, take a look at the first picture above. In the picture we are editing a ping check. There are two dependencies defined. If the ping check in the picture is stopped, the dependencies make no sense. But if this check is started, before real pinging two additional dependency conditions should be true before pinging is started:

If at least one of these two conditions is not true, Network Eagle does not start the ping check. Note that if the ping of the Yandex server has never been performed, this check (pinging Yandex) has the Not Checked status and this dependency condition is skipped. If pinging the Yandex server is in progress right now, the status is equal to Checking and the dependency is also skipped.

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