Network Eagle Alerts

Restart Computer Alert

General information

With the help of this alert, you can restart the local computer or a remote. Note that only machines with Windows systems can be restarted this way. To restart a computer with a Unix system installed on it, an External Command alert can be used. It runs a batch script connecting to the Unix computer via ssh/telnet and sending the shutdown/reboot command.

If the Timeout field is not set to zero, the alert displays a dialog box on the specified computer. The dialog box displays the name of the user who called the function and the message specified in the Message field and prompts the user to log off. The dialog box beeps when it is created and remains on top of other windows opened in the system. The dialog box can be moved but cannot be closed. The timer counts down the remaining time before a forced shutdown. Such a forced shutdown can be controlled by the Forcibly applications with unsaved changes check box.

Alert Settings

Besides the standard alert settings, the following settings are available:

See the picture below.

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