Network Eagle Alerts

Send Mail Alert

General information

The mail alert is probably the most commonly used alert. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send mail notifications in the Network Eagle application. You can specify global SMTP connection parameters in the Tools\Options\Connections section and these settings will be used automatically when you add a Send Mail alert to your check. Certainly, you can modify these settings for each separate Send Mail alert at any moment.

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol authentication is supported. The program supports the plain text login method. You should enter a valid username and password. In case no username is specified, this alert will be send anonymously.

Also, you can use the message format feature for the Subject and Body fields. Using the message format feature, you can insert some additional dynamic information available after the last service check into the subject and body fields. It can be the corresponsing error message, the service status and so on. To read more about format message patterns, click here.

Alert Settings

Besides the standard alert settings, the following settings are available:

Note: You can specify more then one mail recipient in the To, Cc and From fields using a semicolon as a delimiter.

See the picture below.

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