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Alert Repository

It is not very convenient to create and configure the same alerts every time when you create a check. Suppose you have to monitor the up/down state of ten servers simultaneously and configure ten IP Ping checks for this purpose. Also, you want to be notified by mail when any of the servers goes up or down. Just think about the situation when you have to add an SMTP Alert and enter the To, From, Subject and Body fields ten times in a run. We think it is really hard.

To make your life much easier, we create an alert repository. In the example above, you can use the Tools/Alert Repository menu item and create/configure an SMTP Alert only once. Further on, you can add IP checks one by one use the Repository button on the Alerts page to select and insert into each check this pre-configured alert from the alert repository.

Also, you can have more than one repository. In the Alert Repository dialog box (Tools/Alert Repository) there are two buttons labeled Import and Export. With the help of these buttons, you can save the current repository under a different name or load another one.

When you start the Network Eagle application, the predefined repository is loaded. This alert repository can be specified on the Options: General page of the general options dialog box.

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