What is Network Eagle Monitor?
 Technical support
Registration and licensing
 What is registration?
 Why should I register?
 How can I register?
 Licensing details
Using Network Eagle
 Adding a new check
 System environment variables
 Global variables
 Variables support
 Run as Windows service
 Filter groups
 Find check
 Export group/check data
  Export to XML format
  Export to HTML format
  Automatic export
  Add new check
  Add new alerts
  Change properties
  Change scheduler
  Remove alerts
  CSV file window
User interface
 Program menu
 Group panel
 Check panel
 Information panel
  Log window
  Statistic window
  Properties window
   Trace logging
  Search/Filter condition
  Filter properties
  Unsaved document recovery
 Standard checks
  External command
  Script execution
  Event log
  Windows service
 Professional checks
  RAS Server
  Alert repository
  Message formatting
  Environment window
 Standard alerts
  Execute command
  Play sound
  Send mail
  Syslog event
  Script execution
  Write to NT event log
  Restart computer
  Control Windows service
 Professional alerts
  Send SMS
 Named properties