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Version: 4.21.1409
Release: Sep 17, 2013

Standard package:
   Size: 4,26 Mb
   Price: $199.95

Professional package:
   Size: 4,50 Mb
   Price: $249.95
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17-September-2013 18:41
Network Eagle Monitor v4.21 build 1409
New release of Network Eagle Monitor application is available.

Fixed bug in SMS alert

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What is Network Eagle Monitor?

Network Eagle Monitor is a network monitoring program. It can continuously monitor the state of your servers, various network services, databases and more over the network 24 hours a day. If a monitored object changes, Network Eagle Monitor is able to send various notifications or perform some actions.

Corporate Users


Individial Users

 With the help of this network monitoring software, you can easily administrate large networks with a lot of servers and hundreds of users.

 Intelligent notifications by e-mail or SMS let your System Administrator Team fix the problem immediately.

 Using this network monitoring software in a corporate network will increase stability of network services and result in considerable money savings.


 Webmasters, bloggers and other active Internet users can find this software useful in their everyday activity.

 One can easily monitor up/down state of their favorite internet sites and services.

 Be instantly informed about problems with your site with notifications by e-mail or SMS.

 Using network monitoring software will save your money and nerves.

Try the latest version of our network monitoring software today for 30 days of a free trial and discover for yourself its powerful, yet user-friendly features!

Download it now!


You can create categorized task lists on a "set and forget" basis. Network Eagle Monitor can ping servers, monitor TCP ports, check HTTP URLs (with HTTP auth), test FTP links, check disk space usage, execute external commands and check their return code, check databases via ODBC, monitor MS SQL server via native interface, monitor local and network printer status, like out of paper and out of toner and etc.

Write your own check scripts using JS and VBS or any other script provider like ActivePerl or Active Python installed on your system. Network Eagle performs checks at regular intervals and activates predefined alerts on a given condition. It can be a sound alert, an e-mail notification (icq, pager or mobile via mail gate), execution of an external program or a user-written Java or VB script. There is a set of ready-made scripts for a file availability check, file or folder size check, NT service state check and alert actions, such as: reboot remote machine, restart NT service, write to NT event log and clean up an event log file.

The software can also periodically export data to XML and HTML files, and tabulate uptime/failure check statistics.

Network Eagle Monitor has a convenient and intuitive user interface. Plenty of handy wizards are available and allow one to smartly configure many checks at once.

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